2022 Civic Hacker Summit

Virtual Event | November 2-4, 2022

Chris Fabian

Helping Local Governments Fund Community Priorities

Day 1: Wednesday, November 2, 2022, 10:00 AM PDT

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Chris Fabian
Chris Fabian


Chris Fabian is the CEO and Co-founder of Resource Exploration. He has over 10 years of consulting experience with local governments. As co-founder, he guides the mission of ResourceX to grow the community of priority based budgeting by ensuring the value is seen by all and by helping communities to achieve results.

ResourceX supports local governments to strategically align resources with community outcomes. Through Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) methodology and software, local governments are accelerating data-driven decision making to align resources towards society’s biggest challenges. Providing a platform to fund equity initiatives, climate action plans, and a fiscally sustainable future for residents and the community.

Priority Based Budgeting (PBB) is currently recognized as a leading practice by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA), the National League of Cities (NLC), and the Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA).

“By applying data and evidence, using program level data and insights as your guide, you can repurpose and reprogram your organization to achieve foundational results, equity-focused community outcomes, and thrive!”

ResourceX has partnered with over 300 organizations across North America to provide the software solution and powerful analytic tools to implement a priority based budget using data and evidence to transparently and exponentially improve community results.

Our goal is nothing less than to fundamentally change how resource allocation decisions are made in local government through data-driven budgeting and decision making. And are actively doing so by supporting cities to launch new programs and services most aligned with community priorities and funding new programs to meet new community needs (climate change, equity, sustainability, COVID, homelessness, addiction, etc.).


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