2022 Civic Hacker Summit

Virtual Event | November 2-4, 2022



Thursday, November 3 | Day 2 Agenda

Open: Science, Data, Algorithms

9:00 AM Pacific


David Van Riper


Today I Learned... About the National Historical GIS from IPUMS

Better Governance Through Tech

10:00 AM Pacific

Dario Garcia de Viedma

Darío García de Viedma


Listen Up! Building an Ethical, Transparent Social Understanding Platform

Dario Garcia de Viedma

Darío García de Viedma


¡Escuchad! Construyendo una Plataforma de Comprensión Social Ética y Transparente

Public Problem Solving

11:00 AM Pacific


David Corliss, Ph.D.


Making a Difference Through Peace-Work

Digital Disruptors

12:00 PM Pacific

Greyson Earle

Grayson Earle

Parsons School of Design

Bail and the Art of Hacking

Resourcing the Mission

1:00 PM Pacific


Jack Beck

TurnOut, Inc.

Mission-Driven Multi-Tasking: Paying the Bills and Mobilizing Communities to Power Queer and Trans Movements

Networking & Entertainment

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Join Us LIVE for Virtual Networking at 3:30 PM Pacific

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Meet some of the other attendees in a fun, interactive session!

movie night

Civic Hacker Summit Night at the Movies Presents: 'why don't the cops fight each other?'

"'why don’t the cops fight each other?' is a desktop documentary about an attempt to modify the relationships between police officers in Grand Theft Auto V. This work engages the “modding” scene for GTA, a community of people and tools that enable modifications to the game world. While these mods are almost limitless in scope, one property is completely immutable: the police officers in the game will never fight each other. Through an exhaustive forensic analysis of the game’s source code and engagement with mod developers, the artist demonstrates the extent to which the cultural imaginary concerning the real world police is projected into the game space." - source: https://graysonearle.com/cops/

Two ways to watch:

  1. Join our online watch party at 5:30 PM Pacific. The link to join will be emailed to you.
  2. Stream it on your own schedule using this link: stream why don't the cops fight each other' >>